Noah And The Ark Wooden Puzzle


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We all know this classic story, and now embody it with this fantastic 18 piece wooden puzzle! And, keeping true to the tale, this puzzle comes with two of each critter! The birds, elephants, giraffes, and Noah and his wife are cut thinner to sit side by side during their journey.

Free standing and interlocking, these are challenging puzzles. All pieces have a rounded edge and are finished with a non-toxic oil. Each puzzle is individually hand cut from a single piece of wood. No two puzzles are exactly the same therefore the pieces are not interchangeable. Both sides of the puzzle can be viewed and appreciated

Anyone would be proud to display this on a fireplace mantel or shelf, or coffee table. All puzzles are signed and numbered by the artist and are of a limited edition!

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Dimensions 912 × 112 × 512 in
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